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In this final article in our family series, we're looking at bike trips with young children. Here, Gavin outlines a few of the great options in the Peak District

Family Adventures

The disused train lines of the Monsal Trail, Tissington Trail, Middlewood Way and High Peak Trail all have their attractions (the High Peak trail does include some surprisingly steep and challenging hills in places) but are largely there and back again journeys. The main advantage of this type of ride is that you can turn back as soon as little legs start to get tired. 

Circular Trips

Circular trips are available around Carsington water (approx. 12km with several cafe/refreshment options along the way) and the Upper Derwent/Howden reservoirs (approx. 17km). The later route does involve a reasonable distance of road riding but on weekends and bank holidays the road is closed to cars making the whole thing much more relaxing and enjoyable with children. 

As they grow up...

With a bit more age and experience many of the bridleways that criss-cross the Peak District become feasible and, at that point, the number of options skyrockets. To do them any kind of justice would require another complete article but there are several books and internet sites that cover MTB riding in the peak district, a quick browse should provide several options depending on your level of ambition. 

Let's go!

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas to get you started on your next family adventure. There really are countless possibilities, particularly when you start to combine different activities into a single day. 

Before setting off remember that everything will take longer than you expect and make sure you are prepared for that. If you are in any doubt about your own ability to keep everyone safe on a particular trip then wait until you have gained more skill, experience and confidence. 

But, no matter what level you are starting from, there is an adventure that is suitable for you, so get out there and have some fun!

Written by Gavin Moy - Pure Outdoor Senior Instructor

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