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Whilst it feels like our little business has been established a very long time (first as GWMountaineering back in 2006), it also feels like we are a Startup business, finding our feet... 

What's the secret to this perpetual business challenge? Keep changing the goalposts!

By doing so, we keep moving forward and evolving. We aren't interested in following others and our passion for development has driven us to find our own feet in our industry. 

With constant change, innovation and aspirations similar to that of climbing mountains - we have been kept on our toes for the last 15 years and I don't quite think we've made the summit.

This article just flashes back over the last 4 years, when Pure Outdoor was based in Brough, near Bradwell and we were looking to expand our premesis with an early vision of what would end up being 'The Adventure Hub', Bamford.

What is The Adventure Hub?

We are in business to build and maintain a community base for adventure culture through centralising outdoor pursuits facilities in the Hope Valley including a climbing wall, training centre, meeting rooms and adventure library. We measure our success not through company profits but by measuring our positive impact to community and social causes.


Original Photos our first visit to Hitch N Hike prior to it closing and us getting hold of the keys

The old gear area - now the area where you put your rock shoes on

The loft... now we have a new insulated roof and this has been ripped out to form the climbing wall

Now our Adventure Library

This is now The Adventure Hub Climbing Wall

All of this area is now opened up and makes up the reception area

This has been turned into the climbing wall

All ripped out, this is now room 1 and 2, the ceiling remains (just)
This area got gutted and now has a large overhang and some epic boulder problems

Then started the distruction!

Months turned into years, seasons came and went - we ran our little business whilst in the background continually developed the Hub - largely down to staff passion, enthusiasm and a lot of hard work. Here are some pictures of a period early in 2018 as we set to work building the first draft! 

Hauling the main beam

Front shop mk1 - now had various changes since
Meeting Room 1..

Meeting Room 2

Firewood Pile!

We'll soon be publishing this seasons version of 'finished' - we're really happy with how it's turned out. It's taken 3 years in total, but for now, we're there!

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